Diagnostic Printing

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Printing Technology

DRYSTAR imagers come with Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology enhanced with A#Sharp for consistently sharp images:

  • Simple mechanism that makes it compact and highly reliable
  • Solid state imaging that ensures long life and controlled,consistent image quality
  • Every pixel in the image is completely software-controlled. This makes the thermal process more flexible than alternative laser engine technologies.
  • Daylight film handling for ease of use
  • High throughput and a short image access time
  • Flexibility of different media trays
  • DICOM compatibility
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.

  • A# Sharp
  • Daylight Insensitive Media
  • Direct Digital Imaging

Diagnostic Printing

The introduction of PACS and digital patient records has not eliminated the demand in many areas of the world for medical hardcopy, especially with the expanding footprint and range of diagnostic imaging modalities.

There are good reasons for this continued demand for medical hardcopy.

Read more in this White Paper titled “Diagnostic Printing in the Digital Era”.

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Whether you need centralized, high-end printing for a large radiology department or a decentralized printing capability for next-to applications or within mobile units, Agfa has the perfect hardcopy solution.

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Special Report: Learn more…

The different ways imaging environments around the world integrate hardcopy into their quality patient care make for some remarkable stories.

In this Special Report, we bring you the experiences and insights of some highly qualified and respected radiology professionals.

Find out more and download the
“Special Report on Hardcopy Imaging. “

Together for mammography excellence

Every woman deserves the best mammography experience.

That’s why Agfa offers a comprehensive, top-quality and dedicated mammography portfolio that fits the requirements of various imaging environments.

Agfa’s mammography portfolio includes analog and digital solutions for image acquisition with image processing, and diagnostic viewing, to fit an imaging environment’s needs.

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