X-Ray Film and Screen for Diagnostic Imaging

  • Silver halide based X-ray film for General Radiology & Mammography offering sharp image quality
  • Universal, environmental friendly developers and fixers for all types of processors and films
  • Long-lasting and shockproof cassettes
  • Processing chemistry


  • Agfa X-ray films offer the best sensitometric and image-quality characteristics when processed with Agfa chemicals.
  • Developers and fixers are supplied in shipping cartons of 60% recycled cardboard, with two handles for easy tilting and transport.
  • Components are packed in translucent, recyclable polyethylene (PE) bottles fitted with PE ECO seals.
  • Screw cap and stripe at the top of the label are color-coded (blue for fixer, red for developer).
  • Image quality and consistency, as well as compliance with local regulations and quality assurance requirements can only be guaranteed when our systems are operated with Agfa chemicals.


Blue,- Ortho,- UV-Film

Film: Ortho CP-GU
Film: Ortho CP-G Plus
Film: CP-BU New
Film: CP-BU M
Film: CP GU-M
Film: CURIX RP 1
Film: CURIX Ortho HT-G
Film: CURIX HT 1000 G Plus
Film: CEA RP New

Mammography Film


Chemicals: Developer and Fixer

Developer: G 139
Developer : G 138i
Developer: G 150
Fixer: G 354
Fixer: G 334
E.O.S. Dev. Fix. / Fixer

Go Digital with CR or DR Retrofit

  • Exams go faster, images available within a minute (CR) or seconds (DR Retrofit)
  • Consistent image quality at lower dose, bone and soft tissue in the same image. Less rejects and repeat examinations
  • Does not require a dark room chemicals, no fume, no odors, no long processing time
  • In case of CR, same phosphor plate can be used again and again
  • With DR Retrofit, no consumables at all
  • X-ray image is digital and can be enhanced to aid in interpretation, shared for collaboration or archived for follow-up

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