• An affordable upgrade to DR and leveraging of your investment for the long term
  • Excellent MUSICA DR image quality
  • Cassette-less DR workflow
  • Dose reduction potential through Cesium Iodide (CsI) wireless detectors*
  • Easy to install and service
  • Wireless detectors that are ideal for mobile use

Maximize your existing investments

With Agfa’s vendor neutral DR Retrofit solutions, you can easily upgrade your existing X-ray modality to direct radiography (DR) while protecting your current investment. From X-ray rooms to mobile analog units, it only takes a moment to go DR!

Migrating to DR technology gives you all the benefits that immediate, highquality images provide. But replacing your existing equipment is costly. With DR Retrofit, you have a smart, seamless and budget-friendly path to capitalize on the advantages of going DR.

Both your mobile and stationary X-ray systems – including standard Bucky tables, floor stands and neonatal incubator trays – can become high-productivity DR systems, giving you a cost-effective way to implement DR technology throughout your departments.

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A fast and easy upgrade for your FLFS system

Seamlessly upgrade your Agfa Computed Radiography (CR) Full Leg/Full Spine (FLFS) imaging equipment with our
new FLFS Direct Radiology (DR) Retrofit solution

Does the pixel size of a full-field digital mammography detector matter for early detection of breast cancer?

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Nerve Center
Intelligent tools for your
Digital Radiography workflow

No compromises high image quality at a lower dose

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The DR Retrofit is all about versatility: you decide which wireless detector – Cesium Iodide (CsI) or Gadolinium Oxy-Sulphide (GOS) – best meets your exam and budget requirements.

Both detectors give you exquisite image quality with our industry leading MUSICA image processing software, and CsI detectors offer the potential for radiation dose reductions of 50 to 60 percent depending on conditions*.

What’s more, the high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), even at low dose and high resolution, makes these detectors especially suited for examinations where dose reduction matters most, for example pediatrics and neonatology.

The Dose Monitoring tool provides the ongoing exposure monitoring that is key to controlling dose. Dose Area Product (DAP) meters are also available as options.

Moreover DR Retrofit solution comes with our automatic, intelligent, body part-independent MUSICA image processing, which has been specially adapted and tuned to enhance DR image quality.

DR where you are: Ultra-mobility

The DR Retrofit delivers ultra-mobility for your mobile X-ray units:
the AED technology and standard wireless communication can reduce the most basic configuration to just
a DR detector and a laptop, while the transportable MUSICA DR suitcase makes transporting a breeze.




(not available in US / Canada)

“The smart move to intelligent and efficient DR Mammography”

Every woman deserves a safe mammography environment and the lowest possible dose,
whether for screening or diagnostic mammograms.

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“Once we were certain that the test results were satisfactory, we could confirm that the DR Mammo Retrofit offered a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing a complete DR Mammography system, while still providing us with the DR image quality and productivity benefits to support our care goals.”

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“We could immediately implement DR, without replacing our existing equipment. We can also add digital detectors: in the future, we would like to have one for each bucky.”

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“We get amazing details effortlessly.”

MUSICA image processing is so sharp, so much sharper than people are used to! You can identify things you just couldn’t see before.

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“Our goal was to improve productivity and profitability. It is important for us to invest in technology, but we must see a return on that investment.”

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“We were able to reduce the radiation dose by around 30% without compromising on image quality.”

“We were especially impressed by the amazing flexibility of the system”

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Choose intelligence

With Agfa’s comprehensive DR portfolio, you know that, any way you choose, you are making the smart choice. Because each of our DR solutions includes intelligent MUSICA image processing, for “first-time-right” images with the possibility to reduce dose. That’s intelligence you can count on.

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For decades, Agfa’s MUSICA software has been taking image processing to the next level, delivering digital radiography image processing software that automatically produces optimized images.

That’s why we call it the “gold standard”.

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Agfa’s digital radiography solutions are designed to deliver the optimum balance between low radiation dose and high image quality while providing the tools to monitor the patient exposures.

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* Testing with board certified Radiologists has determined that Cesium Bromide (CR) and Cesium Iodide (DR) Detectors when used with MUSICA processing can provide dose reductions between 50 to 60% when compared to traditional Barium Fluoro Bromide CR systems. Contact Agfa for more details.

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