Agfa announces the launch of its digital tomosynthesis solution, which offers a fast, economical and low-dose technique to separate anatomical overlap in a variety of applications. Powered by MUSICA, digital tomosynthesis automatically delivers 3D reconstructions with optimal contrast and consistent quality across slices and images.

The digital tomosynthesis solution can add clinical value in a wide range of domains, including orthopedics (for the detection of microfractures, weight bearing exams, etc.), pulmonology (nodules, airway lesions, etc.) and urology. By combining the advantages of multi-slice reconstruction with the low dose and fast workflow of general radiography, it delivers meaningful answers that help improve the patient’s experience and outcome.

“Having the digital tomosynthesis with our DR 800 offers us an additional imaging choice that speeds up diagnosis. It reveals things that might not be visible with classical X-ray. Yet it can be done without moving the patient from the X-ray department,” says Dr. Robert Zbyslaw, Radiologist, Ilawa Hospital, Poland. “The digital tomosynthesis solution thus fills the gap between classical X-ray and e.g. full CT.”

“Agfa’s digital tomosynthesis solution turns hidden depths into meaningful answers,” comments Georges Espada, Head of BU CR/DR at Agfa. “This type of customer-centric innovation meets radiology’s need for intelligent, efficient and continuously evolving solutions that add real clinical value and enhance the comfort and satisfaction of patients.”

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