The power of MUSICA

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At the RSNA2021 Innovation theater, Jeroen Cant, Phd, Research Leader at Agfa Radiology Solutions, presented the Power of MUSICA. Ever since the digitalization of X-ray exams more than 3 decades ago, advanced image processing was needed to make raw X-ray images more readable to the human eye.  Agfa’s image processing, MUSICA, has been a pioneer in [...]

#RSNA21: Thank you for joining us!

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RSNA21 has closed its doors.  The entire Agfa team would like to thank all visitors (both virtual and live) for their interest in our portfolio including the launch of our newest VALORY  Digital Radiography room. Our virtual booth remains open!   You're welcome to take a look around or to visit our virtual lounge to schedule a [...]

#RSNA21: New Dura-line family of robust, reliable and cost-effective detectors deliver exquisite image quality.

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Visitors can  discover the robust and cost-effective Dura-line family of detectors, which provides all the advantages of Direct Digital, while maximizing the use of existing equipment. Dura-line detectors can be shared between different modalities, thanks to the Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. The range includes 10” x 12” (25 cm x 32 cm), 14” x 17” (36 [...]

#RSNA21: Jeroen Cant presented MUSICA for CT in the RSNA Innovation Theater.

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In the Innovation Theater at RSNA21, Jeroen Cant, PhD, Research Team leader, Agfa Radiology Solutions R&D,  talked about MUSICA for CT, deploying our gold-standard MUSICA image processing first time on CT images.  Merging three different image renderings in one single image!  Impressive to see the resulting images and potential to speed up CT image reading process!

#RSNA21: SmartXR supports enhanced clinical and operational performance, while leaving the radiographer in control.

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At RSNA 2021, Agfa will showcase the SmartXR Point-of-Care “intelligent assistant”. Smart tools cost-effectively add targeted AI-based features to Agfa’s DR solutions, for dose, alignment, patient positioning and more. The result is a smoother and more efficient daily imaging workflow, and more consistent images. Integrated sensors and cameras combined with powerful AI software, 3D machine vision, [...]

#RSNA21: Agfa celebrates the launch of a new DR family member: VALORY

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At RSNA 2021, on November 28, Agfa launched its new VALORY digital radiography (DR) room. VALORY delivers a simple design with functionality that goes far beyond the “basics”, bringing reliability, productivity and “first-time-right” imaging into reach for any hospital. VALORY is Agfa’s response to the increasing pressure on radiography imaging efficiency.  It balances reliability and productivity [...]

#RSNA21: Welcome to our virtual booth

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You cannot make it live to RSNA this year?  No worries!  Visit the Agfa Radiology Solutions virtual booth and learn how Agfa expands the market to ensure every healthcare provider can find the right fit for their DR needs. Discover our brand-new DR solution, VALORY, combining simplicity and reliability with functionalities that exceed 'basic' expectations. Read [...]

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