The radiology clinic of Dr. Nouira Habib (Clinique Imagerie Médicale Nouira) is one of the busiest clinics in the region of Sousse in Tunisia, implanted in the heart of the city. The team of radiologists and radiographers has been counting on Agfa for many years and in the beginning of 2020, they enforced their department with Agfa’s DR mammo Retrofit panel – DR 24M.
“The fast preview on the screen is a huge advantage. My patients do not need to wait up, all stressed until I come back to tell them to get dressed. I can do that immediately after the last exposure”, says Mrs Aida Jabeur, the radiographer, who is very pleased with the fast workflow and most important with the image quality, which she receives thanks to DR 24M.
“With Agfa, you are always sure that you get perfect images with the lowest dose possible” Dr Nouira H. was impressed with the modality alignment procedure that guarantees the safety of patients from hazardous radiation effect.