At Agios Dionysius Hospital, past, present and future come together in a unique partnership with a common goal: patient health. Thanks to the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation, this small hospital (one of the oldest in Greece) on an island near Athens, popular with tourists, smoothly and easily transitioned from CR (computed radiography) to DR (direct radiography) mammography, with the country’s first Agfa Mammo DR Retrofit*. Now the hospital’s patients enjoy the confidence of fast, high-quality DR mammography for screening and diagnosis.

“We chose the Mammo DR Retrofit for the better image resolution, the speed and quality of the MUSICA image processing, and the ability to use lower radiation doses,” describes Mr. Lavoutas, B.O.D Member – Procurement & Technical Dept. Manager. “In addition, we knew the solution would give our patients greater confidence in the high standard of medical diagnosis and healthcare quality from our hospital.”

Implementing DR mammography has increased the satisfaction of patients and staff. “In addition to the excellent image quality and lower radiation, the faster patient throughput and image processing have enabled us to do more mammography screening tests. Our medical specialist appreciates in particular the role of the MUSICA image processing which helps improve image interpretation and aid in diagnosis. Our staff find the system easy to use and fast, which supports their workflows,” says Nektarios Lavoutas. “The patients have also noted the improved comfort,” he comments. “All the mammography equipment is in one room, for example, for a simpler, faster workflow that is more convenient and comfortable for the patient.” He concludes: “The Mammo DR Retrofit is a good choice for small hospitals.”

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* DR 18M and DR 24M are not available in the US and Canada