Agfa announces today that it has implemented the first DR 800* room in the UK at the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust. The DR 800 was selected not only for its flexibility to provide fluoroscopy and general radiography, but also for its MUSICA image quality and potential patient radiation dose reductions. The DR 800 room has been operational as of 17 April 2018.

“We were looking for a new fluoroscopy room, and were very impressed by the DR 800, which not only provides better image quality and detail than our previous system, but also offers general X-ray capability,” explains Rosie Freeman, Radiology Clinical Manager, Royal United Hospitals Bath. “We have been very happy with the image quality and lower patient radiation dose of our DR 600 rooms, so we were confident that the DR 800 could meet our needs. In addition, it has the same user interface as our DR 600 rooms.”

* DR 800 is not available in Canada

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