After 10 years of using computed radiography (CR) for mammography, Dr. Merino Pohl, chief radiologist of mammography at the Inmunomédica Medical Center in Concepción, was considering switching to direct radiography (DR).  Dr. Merino Pohl turned to Agfa to find out about purchasing a dedicated DR mammography system. “We’ve worked with Agfa for over 15 years at this location, we trust them, and they always make the effort to find the right solution for our special requirements,” comments Dr. Merino Pohl “So we were ready to listen to them.”

“They told me about the DR Mammo Retrofit, and suggested I give it a trial at the clinic. And indeed, the trial went very well right from the start. The DR benefits were very quickly realized: immediate access to images, high-quality image processing, excellent image contrast, and significantly lower radiation dose.”  The DR Mammo Retrofit significantly increases patient throughput: the cycle time of 30 seconds enables up to 120 images per hour, compared to 48 images per hour with CR. Furthermore, while CR offers an image preview within 1 minute, with the DR Mammo Retrofit, the preview is ready within 3 seconds.

“In the end, we decided to implement the DR Mammo Retrofit permanently, because it adds clear value,” concludes Dr. Merino Pohl. “Sometimes when clinics upgrade their technology, they have to raise prices for  patients, but we want to continue offering a high-quality radiology service that is affordable for everyone. With the reliability and increased productivity offered by the DR Mammo Retrofit, we can provide the benefits of better technology, for the same price.”

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