For world-renowned veterinary orthopedics specialist Aldo Vezzoni, giving dogs back their mobility is satisfying yet challenging, requiring hard work, expertise and good technology.

According to Dr. Vezzoni, successful outcomes require a combination of professional skill and topnotch equipment. And in his own Clinica Veterinaria Vezzoni, he chooses to rely on Agfa computed radiography (CR) for all X-ray imaging. In 2019, he replaced his CR 30-X with the high-volume CR 15-X, to support both his international orthopedics case load, and the requirements of his growing veterinary practice. Since opening in 1976, they have grown to 15 vets and 10 staff.

“We do from 100 to 200 X-rays every day, so we need a system that can support a very busy environment. The CR 15-X offers us the same, excellent MUSICA image quality and ease-of-use as the CR 30-X, in a high-volume solution.” The CR 15-X is used by all the veterinarians for a broad range of exams. Dr Vezzoni explains: “Our internal medicine specialists rely on the images for thoracic evaluation in cases of cardiopulmonary disease, to give one example. We often combine X-ray and ultrasound for abdominal imaging, to get a more complete diagnosis. And our neurologist uses spinal X-rays to rule out vertebral problems, before determining if a CT or MRI is necessary.”

“Image quality is, of course, very important, and Agfa’s CR solutions deliver this,” continues Dr. Vezzoni. “But for me, what really sets the Agfa solutions apart is the ease of use; for orthopedics, this is especially the planning and measurement tools.”

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