Agfa announces that it has successfully renewed its OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Pre-approval in California, USA, for the DR 600 X-ray room. The pre-approval ensures that the DR 600 complies with the AC-156 acceptance criteria for nonstructural components to be used in health facilities in California. The successful completion of the stringent live tests also offers an important indicator of earthquake resistance for healthcare facilities around the world in areas that are subject to seismic activity.

Rigorous live testing was carried out on the DR 600, including the elevated table, the fully automated X-ray tube suspension with bridge, the motorized tilting bucky on a wall stand, the workstation, the DICOM widescreen touch monitor, generator and storage cabinet, and more. To ensure compliance, Agfa developed specific software and a mounting kit for the DR 600.

“The successful renewal of our DR 600 seismic certification with OSHPD proves our ability to provide top-performance solutions that are reliable, even under very challenging conditions,” comments Louis Kuitenbrouwer, Vice President, Radiology Solutions at Agfa. “The California certification requirements are known to be very stringent, so this result is important for hospitals anywhere that want to be prepared to continue providing care after earthquakes.”

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