#CountOnUs: Overview of all the initiatives

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We support our customers to get faster and more accurate X-ray images to battle the COVID-19 pandemic How do we support our customers worldwide Free Chest+ SW offers Gridless Workflows Turn your mobile system into instant DR CR as cost-effective digital radiography X-ray solution for ICU CR & DR disinfection guidelines Click here to find out [...]

#CountOnUs : Staff at newly built hospital for COVID-19 patients in Kazakhstan highly appreciates use of Agfa’s DR 100e mobile DR system

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Radiologists and Radiographers of the Intensive Care Unit at the newly built hospital for COVID-19 patients in Nursultan (Astana), Kazakhstan, highly appreciate the MUSICA image quality and ease of use of Agfa's DR 100e mobile DR system. With the DR 100e, they don’t have to choose between convenience and quality: they get the fast, high-quality images [...]

#CountOnUs: DR 100s mobile system helps support pressures of COVID-19 at Yeovil District Hospital

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Another successful go live of the DR 100s mobile system at Yeovil District Hospital #NHS helping support the pressures of COVID 19. With its customer-driven design, amazing usability and freedom of movement, the DR 100s offers your facility high productivity bedside imaging of chest, right where you need it!

#CountOnUs: Agfa engineer installs first DR 400C floormounted DR solution in the Philippines during full COVID-19 pandemic.

By |2020-08-14T11:43:32+02:00August 14th, 2020|Categories: CountOnUs|

Agfa's engineer in the Philippines, Mr. Christer Ian Cruz,  has installed a DR 400C, floormounted, scalable DR solution in the Veterans Memorial Medical Center Philippines in full COVID-19 pandemic. The DR 400C solution allows you to choose your own digital path at your own pace and answers the need to deliver higher throughput with a lower [...]

#CountOnUs : From wards to ICU, digital imaging makes the difference

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With a global pandemic raging, already-busy hospitals are under extraordinary pressure. In Barnaul, Russia, Municipal Clinical Hospital no. 11 has been named a Covid-19 care site for children and pregnant women. This loyal Agfa customer has recently added three Agfa mobile direct radiography (DR) Retrofits, and the MUSICA Chest+ gridless chest imaging software, to its portfolio [...]

Ready to turn your mobile system into Instant DR? So are we!

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As healthcare teams deal with the pressure of overwhelmed COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment resources, the vendor-neutral, mobile DR Retrofit gives you an easy, cost-effective way to upscale your X-ray capability. ‘In an instant’, you can upgrade your analog mobile imaging units to the benefits of direct radiography (DR). With just a laptop and detector, virtually any [...]

At AHRA 2020 Online, Agfa demonstrates how its new DR 100s Mobile DR supports providers with COVID-19 challenges.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Association of Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) will be entirely virtual for 2020 and Agfa is proud to be a Platinum level sponsor.   Agfa will participate with live-streaming demonstrations and an AHRA provided online booth. The new DR 100s Mobile will be demonstrated and visitors will learn how the DR 100s [...]

#CountOnUs: Hospitals struggle to cope with thousands of wounded after huge blast ripped through Beirut.

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Lebanon is in mourning and surveying the damage to its capital, Beirut, after a massive explosion ripped through the city’s port and surrounding areas on Tuesday, killing at least 100 people and injuring 4,000 with many feared to be still trapped under rubble. Hospitals struggle to cope with thousands of wounded. Our Lebanese colleague Said Al Halaby, [...]

#CountOnUs : Leading tertiary care hospital in India installs 2 Agfa mobile solutions to support their fight against the Coronavirus.

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Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) is a medical and research institution in Chandigarh, India. It is the leading tertiary care hospital of the region and caters to patients from all over Punjab, J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. It has all the latest facilities, including all specialties, super specialties and sub specialties.   But currently, [...]

#CountOnUs : Namibia hospital selects Agfa mobile unit combined with Retrofit solution to handle COVID-19 workload

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Under the #CountOnUs umbrella, Agfa's DR 100e mobile system and Retrofit (DR 14e) solution were delivered  to the Welwitschia Hospital by Namibia X-Ray and Imaging Technologies, Agfa's trusted business partner in the region. The customer is very satisfied with the unit and the excellent support they received both from Namibia X-Ray and Imaging Technologies and Agfa. [...]

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