In December 2020, Agfa delivered a new DR Retrofit solution to Westminster Memorial Hospital, which is part of the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, to upgrade its X-ray capabilities from computed radiography (CR) to direct radiography (DR). Installation and training were quick and easy, providing the hospital with DR benefits such as a streamlined imaging workflow and high-quality images.

“We are delighted with the improved workflow and the fabulous DR images,” says Sophie Nield, Specialist Radiographer, Westminster Memorial Hospital. “The installation was quick, with no fuss or mess, and training was simple. The DR Retrofit is very easy to use!”

“We are very proud that Westminster Memorial Hospital has ‘gone DR’ with Agfa,” comments Kevin McQuillan, Key Account Manager for Agfa Radiology Solutions. “Our DR Retrofit solution has enabled the hospital to enjoy DR workflow improvements and excellent DR image quality, while maximizing its existing CR investments.”

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