Located in the North London borough of Edmonton, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust is one of London’s busiest acute service hospitals.  The need for bedside chest X-rays also keeps them on the move across the hospital: for pediatrics, neonatal, the ICU, the emergency department and resuscitation area, as well as for critically ill patients on the wards.

As the mobile DR 100s units are used exclusively for chest X-rays, the MUSICA Chest+ software for gridless imaging has been a big advantage for the radiographers and patients, says Ms. Dawn Hopkins, General Manager for Cancer and Diagnostics at North Middlesex University Hospital. “We were using a grid before; it’s very heavy for the radiographer and uncomfortable for the patient. So it was a real advance to be able to do gridless bedside imaging. The image quality is actually better compared to our old CR mobile equipment. And it means less cleaning: you only have to clean one item instead of two.” She concludes: “The DR 100s has met all our expectations. It’s good for all our mobile chest imaging in the hospital. In fact, I can’t think of any mobile imaging situation for which it wouldn’t be suitable. Not only do the staff like working with it, but as a manager, I am reassured that it is safer for the radiographers to use, while also increasing productivity.”

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