An extensive portfolio of tailor-made optical quality products

The Agfa HealthCare Optics Center develops and manufactures optical components and optical modules which are integrated into Agfa HealthCare’s advanced hardware solutions, as well as in third party systems

Areas of Activities

Design of optic, optoelectronic and optomechanic components and modules.

Production of:
• Lens elements, spherical and aspherical.
• Large variety of almost all kind of Thin Film Components, based on dielectric material.
• Complex optical modules of all kind and adapted to customers demands.

Lenses & Substrates

Lens elements

Agfa HealthCare Optics Center offers a wide range of spherical lenses, including planoconvex, biconvex, convex concave, planoconcave, biconcave lenses with various chamfers or in sliced form with diameters from 3 mm – 340 mm.

High quality plane glass for filter substrates with thickness from 1 mm – 30 mm and diameter from 5 mm – 165 mm. Mirror substrates are available with thickness from 5 mm – 30 mm with a size up to 380 mm x 380 mm.

Lens 1 220x_tcm541-156059 Lens 2 220x_tcm541-156060

Cylindrical lenses are produced with rectangular and round circumferences with radii up to 10.000 mm and length up to 450 mm

Toroidal lenses are offered with length up to 210 mm.
Radii and other lengths on request.
Back side available withplano, convex, concave or even cylindrical surface.

Aspherical lenses in round shape as well as aspherical cylindrical lenses can be provided due to customers specifications. (diameter from 10 mm – 115 mm)

Agfa Optics production uses all common glasses from Schott, Hoya, Ohara and CDGM



Agfa HealthCare Optics Center offers its customers the design and manufacturing of optical thin film components for a large variety of applications.

Coatings for highest requirements are provided by High Vacuum PVD-process (Physical Vapour Deposition) or Plasma Assisted Deposition Technology (Advanced Plasma Source, and RF-Plasma).

In Process control via highly advanced In Situ broadband monitoring is used to provide maximum accuracy.
Organic layer deposition process usable for AR application with extreme wide incident angle load (0 – 80°) in preparation.

 Wide range of spectral properties.
 Humidity and temperature stable coatings.
• High surface purity due to processing under clean room condition of class 1000+.
 Dichroitic filter, beamsampler and – divider, graduated and masked filter with custom function.
 Coatings on substrates like glass, metals or plastics up to a size of 500 mm are possible.

coatings 1 220x_tcm541-156062 Coatings 2 220x_tcm541-156063

Organic Layer deposition in preparation:
New organic nanostructures for best antireflection with high incident angle range of 0° to 60°

Nanostructure 1_tcm541-156064 Nanostructure 2_tcm541-158551



Our core competencies are the assembly and setting into operation of optical systems at a highest quality level.

Our years of experience in handling mechanics, electronics and optics components, make Agfa HealthCare Optics Center a flexible and competent partner for customized applications.

Our know-how, combined with modern manufacturing processes, enables us to deliver cost-effective and convincing solutions.

A number of systems for medical and graphical applications are currently in production. These include complete laser scan and laser recorder modules with Finite Element Method optimized ground plates consisting of a large variety of materials.

All assembly activities are accomplished in a clean room environment with quality up to class 1000+, enabling Agfa  HealthCare Optics Center to guarantee that our solutions achieve the highest levels of dust-free results.

A variety of different light sources such as gas-, solidstate- or laserdiods as well as halogen lamps come into account.

Assembly 1_tcm541-156067

Assembly 2_tcm541-156068


Optical Design and Research

Agfa HealthCare Optics Center offers an extensive portfolio of quality optical products tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

Within that wide range of options, research and development of optical components and modules is also included.

Our optical design is fully computer with Monte-Carlo simulation of alignment and production tolerances. We design all classical image generation and illumination systems as well as laser optical systems including aspheric components. Different specialized programs to generate complex thin film multilayer stacks are also available.

Our years of experience also allows us to offer specialized color correction of high speed lenses combined with an outstanding know-how in designing and modeling complete laser scanning modules.

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